Hezbollah, Word Wide Criminals.

In their October 2011 article titled “The Mounting Hezbollah Threat in Latin America ” Roger F. Noriega and Jose R. Carden of the American Enterprises Institute (AEI) stated that the Hezbollah and its patrons in Iran have “greatly expanded their operations in Latin America. ” The Hezbollah uses the Western Hemisphere (in particular Venezuela and Margarita Island as well as, the Tir-Border Area (TBA ) where the borders of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay meet) as a staging ground for laundering millions of dollars on behalf of the Colombian and Mexican drug cartels and other drug pins. As well as, Oficina de Envigado and Ayman Joumaa. The Hezbollah is also involved in recruitment, training, arms trafficking, counterfeiting, as well as, forging travel documents. So, on April 11 2019 the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC ) sanctioned Kassem Chams and his money laundering organization. Chams launders tens of millions of dollars a month in illicit narcotics as well as, faciltating money movements for the Hezbollah. The sanctioning of Kassem Chams is all part of the Trump administration’s campaign to prevent the Hezbollah and it’s affiliates from profiting off of violence. The administration’s “network-centric” approach towards the Hezbollah’s worldwide criminal activities help shine a light on the Hezbollah terrorist organization. Treasury’s important use of the Hezbollah International Financing Prevention Amendments Act (HIFPAA ) which is in pursuant to the Kingpin Act will make U.S. sanctions more effective. This legislation will allow the Trump Administration to increase financial scrutiny at the federal, state and municipal levels of the TBA and Latin America that “expressly consent to, or with knowledge allow, the use of their territory by the Hezbollah to carry out activities including training, financing, and recruitment.” This is much needed message to General Secretary Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah. Even though there has been improved cooperation with the TBA and Latin American Governments there needs to be more. Such as the extradition of Hugo Carvjal and Ayman Joumaa. Not only are AEI’s Roger Noriega and José Cardenas correct in noticing that the Hezbollah has “greatly expanded their operations in Latin America” the Hezbollah has expanded to become a “Transnational Threat” since the 1980s. The administrations ruling to prioritize the use of law enforcement as well as, sanctions on the Hezbollah is a significant policy intiative.

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