Will bringing home U.S. forces defeat jihdists?

According to Devin R. Springer, James L. Regens & David N. Edger in their book Islamic Radicalism and Global Jihad ” Jihadists seek to convey images that weaken the resolve of their adversaries while signaling the inevitability of victory in a long war”.  Usama bin Laden (UBL) preached to his followers “have patience the Americans will tire of war and go home.” This is exactly what the American public has called for and what president Obama has done.  With the absence of combat troops in Iraq former P.M. Nouri al-Maliki  tore apart (mostly likely at the behest of the Iranians) all the work that America did to put Iraq back together. With the alienation of the Sunnis and the Shia militias the matter in Iraq has gotten worse and given rise to IS.                      Dr. Michael Knights told a crowd at the Washington Institute  for Near East Policy on 02/06/15 “that the Hezbollahlation of Iraqi security forces is occurring.” Dr. Knights also said during his presentation at the Washington Institute that “it will take decades long effort to shore up Iraqi Security Forces.”  To improve the security situation in Iraq senator Lindsey Graham of S.C has called for a least 10,000 combat troops to go after IS in Iraq & Syria .  Senator Graham knows that this will be a long war.                   The ouster of Col. Gaddafi in the U.S. NATO backed uprising left Libya without  strong security forces after Libya was abandoned.  This has only given rise to such jihadists  groups as Ansar al-Sharia, Libyan Islamic fighting group as well as IS.                  As long as the administration is unwilling to entertain the idea of a long war in the Middle East the more we will see failed stated.  AQAP recently pointed out that America has closed embassies in four different countries.  This is a clear indication that jihadists are conveying the image that they are winning their long war.             

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